OWT 1: Mission and Dialogue (engl.)

Approaches to a Communicative Understanding of Mission -
series “One World Theology”, Volume 1

The new One World Theology series is intended to serve as a universal Church forum. In this first volume the authors of the different continents offer systematic-theological reflections on the relationship between mission and dialogue, on interreligious dialogue and on dialogues between the universal Church and the local churches. Finally they outline pastoral consequences.

Klaus Krämer/Klaus Vellguth (eds.),
Mission and Dialogue.
Approaches to a Communicative Understanding of Mission
One World Theology OWT Volume 1
257 pp., 13.5 x 21.5 cm, paperback.
Claretian Publications 2012

Hier finden Sie die deutsche Ausgabe dieses Buches/ German Edition.

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