OWT 3: Theology and Diakonia (engl.)

Diakonia as a Distinct Feature of Christian Faith

In recent years a range of theologians highlighted the importance of diakonia as a unique characteristic of Christianity. Diaconal pastoral care – in an age of globalization and neoliberalism – as a salutary counterpoint to inhumane ideologies which condition the value of human beings on their economic success.
In this third volume of the book series One World Theology theologians from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Europe face the challenges and chances which go hand in hand with a commitment to diaconal pastoral care. This volume is divided into the chapters “Diakonia as the Discipleship of Jesus”, “Diakonia and the Mission of the Church”, “Diakonia Seen through the Eyes of Local Churches”, “Connecting Diakonia within the Liturgy and Catechesis” and “Vision of a Diakonal Church”.

Krämer, Klaus; Vellguth, Klaus, eds.,
Theology and Diakonia. Faith in Action, 
One World Theology OWT, Volume 3,
Manila/Freiburg 2014.

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