OWT 5: Religious Freedom (engl.)

Foundation - Reflections - Models

Freedom of religion is a fundamental and human right. Yet, what does it stand for in plenty of places? Accordingly, how can the freedom of religion be implemented or guaranteed? Which importance does religious freedom have for believers in the situation of being part of a minority group?

This volume of the book series One World Theology brings together authors from several continents and gives them a platform to reply to the questions stated above. The book contains general reflections as well as concrete examples. Thereby, it offers a multifarious portrait, which serves as an exchange of insights into the universal church in addition to giving a manifold of impulses.

Diese Ausgabe ist leider bei uns vergriffen.

Mit der Buchreihe "Theologie der Einen Welt" stellt missio ein weltkirchliches Forum zur Verfügung, auf dem lebendiger theologischer und missionswissenschaftlicher Austausch stattfindet.

Krämer, Klaus; Vellguth, Klaus, eds.,
Spirituality of the Universal Church. Rediscovering Faith,
One World Theology OWT, Volume 5
Manila/Freiburg 2014.

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