OWT 13: Flight and Migration

Between Homelessness and Hospitality

Everywhere in the world displaced people are on the move from one country to another. What are social, pastoral and theological responses to migrants living in precarious circumstances in Europe, Africa, Asia and Latin America? What are the causes of migration and flight? What situations do migrants and refugees face worldwide? What socio-ethical questions does this phenomenon raise?What is the pastoral care response and how is the Chruch facing up to the challenge? Twenty-one authors from different countries around the globe report on their personal experiences in various regiona and present their analyses. This book places the situation in Europe in the global context of flight and migration. It objectifies the disscusion and examines ways and means of dealing constructively with flight and migration bot inside and outside the Chruch. 

Mit der Buchreihe "Theologie der Einen Welt" stellt missio ein weltkirchliches Forum zur Verfügung, auf dem lebendiger theologischer und missionswissenschaftlicher Austausch stattfindet.

Krämer, Klaus; Vellguth, Klaus, eds.,
Flight and Migration - Between Homelessness and Hospitality
One World Theology, OWT Volume 13
256 pp., 13 x 21,5 cm, paperback.
Quezon City/Freiburg 2020

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