OWT 15: Pentecostal Churches as an Ecumenical Challenge

Pentecostalism as a global movement is associated with significant changes in the Christian world and poses a major ecumenical challenge. Pentecostal churches are among the fast growing worldwide, but it is not just the increasing number of their adherents which calls the “traditional churches” into question. These developments are investigated by the authors from various continents who have contributed to this volume. Among the issues they address are the development of Pentecostalism, fundamental aspects of Pentecostal theology, the fascination of Pentecostalism for Christians, and Charismatic movements within the Catholic Church. In addition they describe from different contextual angles the way in which the Catholic Church has responded to the Pentecostal movements.

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Mit der Buchreihe "Theologie der Einen Welt" stellt missio ein weltkirchliches Forum zur Verfügung, auf dem lebendiger theologischer und missionswissenschaftlicher Austausch stattfindet.

Klaus Krämer/Klaus Vellguth (eds.),
Mission and Dialogue.
Pentecostal Churches as an Ecumenical Challenge
One World Theology OWT Volume 15

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